For open-loop hot water production, RADIASOL should be used only in vertical position to take advantage of the thermodynamic principle of heat stratification and to comply with its construction technique that guarantees the hygienicity of the contained water. For forced circulation systems (closed loop), RADIASOL can also be used in a horizontal position. Figure 1 shows RADIASOL in vertical position with an inlet water temperature of 15°C. Under this condition, three layers of stratification are formed with respective temperatures of 20°C / 45°C / 65°C ( approximate data). In this case there is an outlet water temperature of 65°C. In vertical position, RADIASOL works with higher outlet temperatures, reducing the use of the auxiliary heating source (boiler, heat pump, stove…). The specific construction technique of RADIASOL (fig. 2) prevents the formation of stagnation in the lower part of the radiator by having the collector water inlet horizontally. With the installation of RADIASOL in the horizontal position (fig. 3), there is a lower outlet temperature due to less heat stratification.
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